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Growing up in different parts of East Africa presented a lot of opportunity for her to interact with small business owners and this spurred her interest in entrepreneurship. However, most local businesses didn't seem to grow big and as foreign companies penetrated the market it became evident that local businesses were not as good and local products were often of poor quality making it hard for them to compete. A passion to see things change for the local entrepreneurs spurred her interest in business support and coaching. Her passion is to empower entrepreneurs with the information and skills they need to set up, grow and profit from their businesses for the betterment of African communities and regional competitiveness.

Annabel is the founder of Synergy For Africa Limited, a company that aims at spurring entrepreneurship entrepreneurship in the continent. As business coach, and serial entrepreneur, her earliest venture was at 15 when she sold art pieces. Since then she has ventured in different industries; food production, tourism and, cleaning services, interior design and landscaping amongst others. She has also rolled out two international development programmes and currently is founder of the online entrepreneurship coaching site Synergy For Africa. She sits in the Board of various financing firms in Kenya and has a total of of over 25 years in entrepreneurship, training, coaching and personal development, global strategy and business development.

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